Leads Club

Leads Club is a vibrant and dynamic space for any man within Coast passionate about the art of Leading Afro Latin dance including those who want to improve their skills or beginners eager to learn how to lead different genres such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and more. Our goal is to support each other in becoming better leads, through a combination of challenge and practice with a focus on bringing more men to Latin dance.

Objective & Highlights

  • Support members in improving their leading skills
  • Set personal targets for growth and development
  • Organize workshops for members
  • Attend festivals and workshops to learn and bring back knowledge to train members
  • Increase male participation in Latin dance
  • Promote dance etiquette
  • Introduce challenges during socials (e.g. dance with a certain number of followers per social)
  • Partner with organizations with male-dominated membership to promote Latin dance.