Coast Afro Latin Festival - Easter Escapade

Our passion for dance and community has given birth to a phenomenal annual event – the Coast Afro Latin Dance Festival, which we proudly host during the Easter weekend.

Our festival is a celebration of the rich and diverse Afro-Latin dance culture, bringing together dancers from around the globe to share, learn, and revel in the beauty of dance. We welcome both local and international attendees, providing an opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and mutual learning.

Each year, we invite renowned local and international instructors and DJs to lead workshops, performances, and dance parties. This ensures that our festival remains dynamic, offering fresh and exciting experiences for both novice and seasoned dancers.

One of the unique aspects of our festival is that we change locations every year, giving participants the opportunity to explore different parts of the breathtaking Coast region of Kenya. Our past festivals have taken place at the Safari Beach Hotel in Diani for the inaugural “Diani Easter Escapade” in 2022, and at the Mombasa Continental Resort for the “Mombasa Easter Escapade” in 2023.

Our festival is not just about dance; it’s about community, culture, and growth. We aim to bring together the Afro-Latin dance community to foster friendships and collaborations. Moreover, our festival contributes to the growth of the local dance community within the Coast region, providing exposure and opportunities for local artists and dancers.

But that’s not all. Our festival also serves as a platform to showcase and celebrate the rich local culture of the Coast region. Through performances, workshops, and cultural excursions, we give our attendees a taste of the local traditions, music, and cuisine, providing an immersive cultural experience.

Furthermore, by attracting both local and international participants, our festival contributes to the local tourism industry, promoting the beautiful Coast region as a destination for cultural and leisure travel.

Stay tuned for details about our next festival, and get ready to dance your way through the Easter weekend with Coast Afro Latin!